Custom made coil springs


  • individually calculated and manufactured
  • exactly matching your vehicles weight and weight distribution
  • individual spring rates from soft “crawling” set up to stiff “high speed” set up
  • individual length and sag for either wheel travel extension or reduced rolling while cornering
  • high quality 50CrV4 EN 10089 steel, crack-inspected, shot-peened, powder coated
  • individual coulors available
  • experience of more then 300 pcs. custom coil springs made by Hellgeth engineering
Hutchinson 2-piece Aluminium rim


  • saving unsprung weight
  • extremely durable forged or cast design
  • precisely machined, no unbalanced mass
  • 2-piece bolt togheter design
  • may be assembled and disassembled easily without heavy tools
  • may remain on the hub for changing a tire
  • designed for the use with a Beadlock ring
  • enables lowest tires pressures without a risk of separation from the rim
  • enhances traction on soft ground by far
  • combined with CTIS a Beadlock is compulsary
  • for Unimog and Off-Road trucks of all kind
  • 6, 8 and 10 bolt pattern
  • various offsets, rim sizes and Beadlock rings available
  • succesfully tested under toughest rally conditions
Split Gearbox for UNIMOG

  • available for U1000 up to U2450 L
  • 2 shifting modes: slow (1:1)or fast +21% rpm
  • may reduce engine speed by 21% in any gear or gives you 21% more top speed in any gear
  • provides intermediate gearing uphills and improves efficiency of driveline
  • reduces noise, fuel consumption and engine wear
  • fail safe due to shifting is just activated if clutch is fully disengaged
  • 100% interchangeable using the standard clutch
  • reduced clutch pedal force due to an integrated central hydraulic cylinder
  • with/without shortened and balanced drive shaft

General catalogue – components for Unimog

download-catalogueDownload our Unimog Accessoires catalogue (pdf-file)