Remanufacturing of a Haegglunds Bv206 at Hellgeth GmbH starts with total disassembling of the vehicle and its components and can be roughly described as: The glasfibre bodies as well as doors, hatches and engine covers are going to be prepared for a high-quality paint in- and outside.

RAL colour codes according the customer need may be choosen as a standard or as an option metallic or bi-colour paint is possible. All bolts, screws, washers and similiar parts are new, from inox or galvanised. Brackets, bumpers and all other body parts of that kind are new or sand blasted and galvanised or painted black.

Door rubber, body seals and mud flaps newly come as a standard, glas is replaced, if necessary. Hydraulic hoses will be newly installed. The brake system, all drive shafts, all couplers, the transfer-case, final drives, and steering system will be disassembled and rebuilt with new seals, new bushings, new bearings as well as all other parts of these components are checked and replaced partially or replaced fully if necessary.

The track assemblies are going to be rebuilt with new Camoplast tracks, new road wheels and new sprockets and new bearings, new seals and new bushings as well as the track tensioner is rebuilt. Al frame sections will be sand blasted and painted. The front four torsion rubber bushings in the front track girders are renewed as a standard. Rest as an option. The swing arms will be controlled and changed where necessary.

Conversion of the powerpack to Mercedes diesel engine OM612.981 direct injection with Bosch Common Rail system, 5cylinder 2.7liter, watercooled intercooler, VTG turbocharger, with standard ECU for 163HP, 400Nm is generally included as well as a new Mercedes Benz electronic controlled 5-speed automatic gearbox for higher torque, adapted shifting specs., new torque converter for higher torque. (for more details please see CDI conversion)

A lock up clutch engages automatically at higher revs avoiding power loss of the torque converter. Shifting is possible in automatic modus, or in manual modus (+/-) (= Tiptronic). The electric system is renewed and modified to a 12Volt two battery system while the powerpack electronic system is completely new. It includes all new instruments and digital cockpit for multi info and warning functions. A new Inox steel exhaust system and a new air intake system with filter sensor as well as a new cooling, radiator- and intercooling system, is installed.

The all new fan is a modern design for more efficiency and less noise and comes with an all new fan drive and viscous clutch. Modern driver- and co-driver seats are installed, custom made by Grammer, adjustable position and back angle, includes head rest and adjustable suspension. A noise and heat insulation mat covering the engine compartment is standard. Options like extra hydraulic systems, tilt systems and any other customer specific modification are projected right from the start of process.