Our advanced product BV 206 CDI is a modernised version of the venerable Haegglunds Bv206.


We do offer two basic packages:

  • CDI Diesel conversion powerpack, available for all used Haegglunds Bv 206, no matter if Ford V6 or Mercedes D5/D6 powered as well as for Prinoth TR. The conversion package replaces more then 500 parts, but not any body- or undercarriage components. See the detailed description to find out exactly.Or
  • Full remanufactured vehicles Haegglunds Bv 206 CDI. The result is a vehicle built by 70% with brand new parts and accurately remanufactured remaining parts. These brandnew machines are coming with CDI Diesel conversion powerpack as a standard, exceeding the performance of the original by far. They are built on order, so colours, interiors, options and attachments are up on your choice.