Camoplast tracks for Haegglunds Bv 206 – Best externally driven track



  • Less Vibration
  • Less Noise
  • Rubber guide horns, no steel, no corrosion, less wear out on road wheels
  • Less weight
  • More traction in snow
  • Better stability on side slopes
  • Extented lifetime of tracks and road wheels

pdffor more Details see brochure (PDF)

Sprockets for Haegglunds Bv 206



  • Extended lifetime
  • Reduced Vibration
  • One piece precise CNC machined hub
  • Hard rubber vulcanized to hub
  • No corrosion between hub and rubber
  • Made in Germany
  • High quality 100% interchangeable component
Roadwheels for Haegglunds Bv 206


  • High quality Aluminium hub
  • High quality rubber vulcanized to hub
  • Precisely machined hub bore
  • Available as ball bearing version as well as cone bearing version
  • 100% interchangeable
  • Made in Germany
Repair kit for roadwheels for Haegglunds Bv 206


  • Consists of 2 seal rings, 1 bushing, 1 cover, 1 inner bearing, 1 outer bearing (ball bearing versions)
  • High quality components only
  • Available as a kit or partially
  • Ball bearing versions and cone bearing versions availabe
  • Competitive prices
Traction aids for Haegglunds Bv 206




  • Available for various track types
  • Enhanced traction, especially on ice and hard packed snow
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Recommended are 8 pcs. per track
  • High quality hardened steel
  • Made in Germany
Diff Lock System for Haegglunds Bv 206 – greatly enhances traction


  • available for Bv 206 B/D/CDI and Prinoth TR
  • 100% torque at each track on demand
  • available for front and/or rear car
  • driver controlled
  • add on solution – needs your diff as core
  • smooth activation
  • possible to disengage under all conditions
  • multiple disc clutch
  • details upon request
  • proven in many applications

videofor Demonstration see video

Hook Lift System for Haegglunds Bv 206



  • Modular transport system
  • Exceptionell versatility and economy by the use of one vehicle with multiple modules
  • Closed and open container/module structures
  • Personell transport body, workshop body, dump body, platform, paltform with crane, recovery module and many more possible.
  • Standard payload: 1850kg, higher payload available on request
  • Standard module size: 1850mm x 2600mm (2000mm x 2600mm as option)
  • Manufacturer: Hellgeth engineering, Germany

videofor Demonstration see video

Supplementary hydraulic system

  • twin section hydraulic gear pump, driven by shaft
  • flow up to 50l/min @ 180bar
  • inox steel oil tank 40l with integrated filter
  • various valve units from 1 up to 5 sections
  • electric control by switches or a joystick
  • hydraulic PTO front and rear possible
  • rear passenger seat remains as original
6-way snow blade

  • for light duty snow clearing
  • electrohydraulic drive, needs no supplementary hydraulic system
  • Joystick control – easy to handle
  • tilt function helps equalizing side slopes
  • 3-section valve unit mounted on blade frame for reduced no of hydr. hoses