Hellgeth Engineering is focused on the modernization of the venerable Hagglunds Bv206. Our driveline upgrade to state of the art Mercedes-Benz Common Rail Diesel Injection engines (CDI) and Tiptronic automatic transmissions, equips the Bv 206 with the most modern components available and is not only an engine conversion – its a complete, proven and evolutionary system. The POWER, TORQUE, SPEED, EFFICIENCY, RELIABILITY, NOISE REDUCTION and LOW EXHAUST EMISSIONS of the Bv 206 CDI have made a lasting impression on nearly 100 customers worldwide. This CDI driveline conversion is available for used vehicles as well as it is a standard on our full rebuilt machines.


Additionally to our advanced programm BV 206 CDI we do stock used standard vehicles, petrol versions as well as diesels, for reasonable prices. Whenever wheeled vehicles reach their drivability limits, this Multi-Use All-Terrain vehicle Bv 206 is still fully maneuverable in any type of terrain, such as deep snow, rivers, tundra, lakes, swamps, sand, rocks and steep hills. The full suspension undercarriage allows for a high average speed and a comfortable ride off road. We can offer a wide range of attachments like cranes, hook lift systems or a winch and many more to match your individual needs.

The volume of maintenance or rebuilt for these used machines is upon your choice.



We run one of the biggest stock worldwide for Bv 206 parts and components.

Our parts are either original or parts designed and manufactured in house or desigend in house and made in Germany or by other high quality suppliers. They are equal to or they exceed the original quality.

Further on we do stock lots of upgrade and attachment components designed in house and made in Germany.

For more info on prices and all other parts, please ask your dealer.