With more than 1000 customers worldwide Hellgeth engineering is the NO. 1 for all kind of modifications according the famous UNIMOG chassis. No matter if you just need a set of customs coil springs for your expedition camper, a high powered engine for your Dakar-Rally UNIMOG, or a complete brand new UNIMOG with professional winch system and extra deep fording kit for powerline set up in remote areas. With more then twenty years experience, in-house engineering and in house CNC machining, we pushed the limits of feasability by far.

Antarctica New Zealand’s new Hägglunds Bv 206 powered by HELLGETH CDI in front of the mighty Barne Glacier with Mt Erebus [3,794m] dominating the Antarctic skyline.
Photographer: Drew Coleman
Olympus OM-D, f/11, 1/1250 sec, ISO-200.
Bv206 CDI equipped with superwide undercarriage (2.2m), external source (220V) engine block heater, heated windscreen, Webasto coolant heater, Webasto air heater, Radar system, CAN Bus data logger…..

von Alexander Nittner mit Fotos von Matthias Fischer

Hägglunds: Ein für den Militäreinsatz entwickeltes Sonderfahrzeug unterstützt den Katastropheneinsatz

For Safety and Rescue operations the firefighters at famous french island Le Mont Saint Michel required a vehicle meeting their needs, e.g. mobility on marshland, amphibious operation, high speed on soft terrain, space for a minimum of 10 persons.

    Dear Visitors,

    we proudly present our new video on tracked vehicles. The main focal point is on the Haegglunds Bv 206. Whenever wheeled vehicles reach their drivability limits, this Multi-Use All-Terrain vehicle Bv206 is still fully maneuverable in any type of terrain, such as deep snow, rivers, tundra, lakes, swamps, sand, rocks and steep hills. Furthermore our advanced product Bv 206 CDI becomes an important role, as it is a modernised version of the venerable Haegglunds Bv206.